CoppeliaSim for WSL - Windows integration

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CoppeliaSim for WSL - Windows integration

Post by Valenorf »

Hi, I would like to propose something similar for CoppeliaSim: ... tion-Guide

As far as I understood, webots can be launched in windows (without ros), and it can communicate directly with ROS2 inside the Windows Linux Subsystem (WSL). The advantages could be having a single CoppeliaSim installation for multiple WSL instances (and thus only one vertex license!), and better support for graphic acceleration (still many people have problems with GPU acceleration in WSL using an integrated graphic card).


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Re: CoppeliaSim for WSL - Windows integration

Post by fferri »

Sorry, it is not clear what are you actually proposing and what's missing in CoppeliaSim...

Are you suggesting to run CoppeliaSim natively on Windows, and to use ROS 2 under WSL? Or something else?

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