Paint nozzle path planning extension

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Paint nozzle path planning extension

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For my university project, I made an extension that lets you generate a movement path for a robots paint nozzle. It works by exporting a selected shape as a .obj file and launching an executable with a UI app. I used ZMQ Remote API to create this.

Video that shows how it works:

Launch it from CoppeliaSim's top bar. Give your robot a paint nozzle, set its parameters and make sure its name is exactly "PaintNozzle". Select a shape that you wish to paint and press the button. This will launch an app that will have your selected object. Select any faces you want to paint and press "Generate path". When generation finishes, press "Create path in CoppeliaSim". If all goes well, a path will be created in CoppeliaSim window.

You can download it here. Extract .lua and .exe files from the archive into CoppeliaSim installation folder and that's it! The .exe file is kind of heavy, but it's because it's compiled using pyinstaller and has a few libs in it. You can compile the source code yourself. Also in the archive is a test scene you can use to test the extension.

I don't know what you can use this for, but personally I think it's kind of of fun and I've wanted to share it :D. It's a little bit janky at times and could really use some more polish and features but it works. I might update it later this year.

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