questions about the e-puck in v-rep

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questions about the e-puck in v-rep

Post by wthaoawth » 16 Jan 2018, 08:10

Hi there! The account is finally activated!

I am working on the swarm of e-puck for a while, and here are some questions:
  1. I have commented all the relevant codes about the proximity sensors, but they are still visible in simulation when the robots are near enough. These red lines(or rays) affect the clarity of the whole scene since we have a swarm, so how can I remove them?
  2. In our swarm, some robots(e-puck) are painted in red and the others in green. Is it possible to acquire the area of each color in the eyes of e-pucks(onboard cameras)? And can I get the center of each color block? Currently, I can only use simReadVisionSensor to get a rough value of RGB.
  3. The default UI of the e-puck is very useful, but I have not figured out how to add some parameters on the interface, could you plz offer some tips?
  4. The last one, the description of simHandleVisionSensor mentioned if it is used from one thread to another, the simulation would be slow. But in my experiment, this seems to be necessary. Is there a possibility to accelerate the simulation in this case?
Thanks a lot!!

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Re: questions about the e-puck in v-rep

Post by coppelia » 17 Jan 2018, 13:42


about your questions:

1. You'll have to select the proximity sensors in the scene hierarchy and adjust their display layer for instance. Or you can also set their other properties.
2. You can try to use a color filter and a blob detection filter. The blob detection filter will return the x/y position of the detected blobs.
3. The default UI of the e-puck is based on the old, openGl-based custom UI functionality. That UI functionality is only supported for backward compatibility. We highly recommend using the newer Qt-based custom UI functionality.
4. Thanks for pointing this out. That is actually not the case anymore and the user manual will be updated.


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