Proximity Sensor

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Proximity Sensor

Post by dericlim » 14 Jan 2018, 06:57

Hi I'm new to stimulation and recently tried to add in a disc shape proximity sensor to a robot.

This is the tutorial on how the robot was done

I tried using the bubblerob method but the robot doesn't seem to perform as i expected. Sorry if I'm not being clear here since i just wanted to try out the proximity sensor.

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Re: Proximity Sensor

Post by coppelia » 15 Jan 2018, 18:37


did you have a look at the various demo scenes in order to try to figure out how a proximity sensor operates or is interfaced? For instance scenes proximitySensorDemo.ttt and proximitySensorDemo2.ttt.
Also remember that a proximity sensor can only detect detectable objects that have their detectable flag enabled.


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