3D curve and Data

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3D curve and Data

Post by pxaij » 28 Jan 2016, 07:25

In my scene, I use a Graph to show the 3D data in my simulation, and a 3D curve can be seen, however, I hope the real time 3D data can be displayed with the 3D curve.How can i do it?

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Re: 3D curve and Data

Post by coppelia » 28 Jan 2016, 19:02


you can dynamically modify a data stream and generate more data than one per simulation step. In that case, do following:

1. Use user-defined data streams (the last item in the Data stream type box).
2. Make sure your graph is explicitely handled.
3. You can clear the graph at any time with simResetGraph.
4. You can step the graph at any time with simHandleGraph. You can step a graph several times in a simulation step if you wish.
5. Before stepping a graph, you can update the user-defined data streams with simSetGraphUserData.


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