Sensors, scripts, tia portal. Small Project. Students need some help

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Sensors, scripts, tia portal. Small Project. Students need some help

Post by Kaktuz » 01 Feb 2019, 19:35

I am a student and we have a small project to do. Is there any person here that would help us:
- Tell me what sensor to use before and after barriers to detecting vehicles
- write the simplest script for handling these sensors (it opens when the vehicle comes up (it's nice if it waits 10 seconds).
it closes when the vehicle passes the sensor on the other side)
- in some way combine it with TIA portal and siemens 1200 so that you can simulate it ???
- write a script and use some screen (HMI) to display the number of vehicles leaving and entering?

We have a lot of projects, plus we are already doing our diplomas and this project, which was supposed to be a very easy way to graduate one subject . we would have mastered it but we would need more involvement for heavier items that's why we're looking for help.

our visualization:

For helpful people, we will try to return the favor as much as we can !! PLN / $ ???


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Re: Sensors, scripts, tia portal. Small Project. Students need some help

Post by Justus » 11 Feb 2019, 21:49

Hi Kaktuz,

Maybe too late, but here goes:

1. Sensor: proximity sensor, ray type. Make sure the objects that need to be detected are detectable (Scene Object Properties -> Common -> Object special properties -> Detectable). Run the simulation and move the object in the sensor beam, the beam should then pulsate the light.
2. simple script: add a non-threaded child script to the barrier shape. In that script, read the sensor state using "sim.readProximitySensor". When active, move the barrier using "sim.setObjectPosition". Some logic will be needed to close it again after a while (use "sim.getSimulationTime"), something like a step program that you'll probably have written for Siemens PLCs should do nicely.
3. combine it with Siemens 1200: not easy, you'll need Siemens PLCSim Advanced + to write an interface between V-REP and the PLCSim. There are other ways (ethernet/serial/OPC-UA), but it is a project on its own. If this a project requirement, there are simulators better suited for the job (for instance: Emulate3D).
4. display the number of leaving/entering: in the barrier' child script, you can count the vehicles (make this counting part of your step program). Show the number by adding a banner to the barrier object ("sim.addBanner").

Good luck with the project!


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